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Two-piece swimsuit Nares rojo - Calypso

Because a basic always feels good and the buttocks are meant to be shown.

Rojo is a tribute to the red of the Spanish passion, to our cravings for pomegranates and watermelons but above all sangría.

All our swimsuits are made from Italian, Spanish or French fabrics and are sewn in Paris. 

Mood - August 15 - One-piece swimsuit

August 15th

August 15, it is the nostalgia of the summer which is a few days away to end.

You need to end the summer in a beautiful way, the one-piece August 15 will be your best swimsuit.  Extremely comfortable thanks to its soft and silky fabric, it sublimates the neckline through an elegant cut around a tortoiseshell ring, enhances the depth of the back, and adjusts perfectly thanks to its adjustable straps.

Mood - May 8th - - Bikini top

May 8th - bikini top

It's time to celebrate the beginning of the long sunny days.

In timeless black and textured fabric, the 8th May bra will give you a 70's retro look. 

Its wide and graphic straps are adjustable for maximum comfort. 

Mood - July 14th - Bikini bottoms

July 14th - Bikini bottoms

Summer is at its peak and the July 14th swimsuit is ideal for strolling or sunbathing. 

Matching its triangle, the July 14th panties are adorned with two tortoiseshell rings that will sublimate your hips like never before.

Mood - July 14th - bikini top

July 14th - bikini top

Summer is at its peak and the July 14th swimsuit is ideal for strolling or sunbathing. 

Its triangle decorated with a tortoiseshell ring will enhance your cleavage and its brick color will enhance your tan to make you irresistible on wet sand. 

Its adjustable straps and back size will allow it to fit your body perfectly.