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Incomparable Men's Shaving Oil - 75ml

Thanks to its Barber Shave and Beard Care formula, the 2 in 1 Barber Shave Oil Incomparable is ideal for shaving difficult beards while protecting delicate skins. It facilitates shaving by providing extreme comfort and intense freshness. The oil transforms into a milk suitable for all skin types. It is also a real beard care product that helps to discipline the hair and care for the beard without any greasy or sticky effect. The hair is shiny and softened. The beard is neat, soft, supple and radiant.

Hydraforce Men's Cream - 50ML

Express response for tired and dehydrated skin, this fresh, melting cream provides intense and long-lasting hydration for 24 hours for thirsty, tired and uncomfortable skin. The protective Arctic Blue Algae extract stimulates cell regeneration and strengthens the skin's barrier function. Thanks to it, the skin is protected against environmental aggressions and razor burn. It is waterlogged and the complexion is more even. The skin no longer feels tight, it regains suppleness and comfort. Redness is reduced and imperfections are diminished. The cream is quickly absorbed, leaving a matte finish. The skin regains firmness, uniformity and freshness with 24-hour hydration!

Men's Bi-Active Moisturizing Fluid - 50ML

This Bi-Active Moisturizing Fluid with soothing and anti-oxidant virtues restructures the skin and restores its natural balance, especially after shaving. Instantly moisturizes for a fresh and energized skin. Also ideal for soothing razor burn. This ultra-fresh gel soothes sensations of tightness. Arctic Algae Dipeptide and Silicon Algae protect, matify the skin and improve cell regeneration. This light fluid is quickly absorbed, the skin does not shine. A very light fluid with multi-functions: moisturizes, heals, soothes, matifies and energizes. Rapidly absorbed, the skin does not shine.

Hydraboost Energizing Man Gel - 50ML

This very fresh Hydraboost Gel relaxes the features, provides a boost of energy and stimulates the skin's natural defences. The first wrinkles are as if erased, the skin is radiant. Moisturized skin regains radiance, energy, healthy glow and comfort. Perfectly protected against stress, it regains its natural balance and optimal moisture level. Ginseng and Siberian Olive reenergize and strengthen the skin's resistance to stress. They provide vitamins A, C, E and protect against signs of fatigue. A fluid and fresh gel texture that awakens and moisturizes the skin without stickiness.

Triple Action Eye Care Man - 15ml

A real rejuvenating treatment for the eyes, this Eye Care with PPNF3 Antarctica offers triple action: anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles and anti-wrinkle. Its light texture fuses with the skin for a unique and immediate result. Thanks to its lifting and firming effect, the first signs of aging are visibly reduced. The eyes look relaxed, dark circles and puffiness are visibly reduced and fine lines are diminished. PPNF3 allows the skin to regain suppleness, elasticity and bounce.

Men's soap for face, beard and body - Dr Pasha

Fresh, moisturizing and rejuvenating skin
100% natural formula!
A combination of carefully selected base oils. Charming scent!
Face and beard soap based on activated charcoal, because of its detoxifying properties, deep cleanses and prevents the action of harmful pollutants. Due to its abundant foam, it can also be used for shaving. The charming and seductive scent of patchouli, lavender and cypress will leave no one indifferent.
Skin type :All skin types
Effect: fresh, moisturizing and rejuvenating skin.
Weight: 100g