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Pomegranate and rose night mask

Wake up to radiant, glowing skin with this herbal mask that works while you sleep. Pomegranate enzymes exfoliate and soften while hyaluronic acid and rose oil help plump, moisturize and firm the skin. Three layers of moisture will be released by the mask during the night for intense hydration, your skin will be supple in the morning, ideal for waking up younger than the night before! As a bonus, the delicate scent of Moroccan rose will soothe you for a perfect night.

Takesumi cleansing powder and face mask

Super food care from ancient Japanese recipes and beauty rituals.

The ultra fine cleansing powder and face mask with takesumi and azuki is intended for oily to normal skin. It gently cleanses, purifies and detoxifies the skin.

A 2 in 1 treatment for a double use: face cleanser and mask. 

Certified organic by Ecocert France.

Weight : 30g

Made in France.

Supreme Moisture Mask

"This highly concentrated, yet lightweight moisturizing mask is the ultimate treatment for dehydrated and distressed skin. / Deeply hydrates the skin, plumps out fine lines, and restores suppleness. / Strengthens the skin's barrier function for better moisture retention and protection. / Reduces redness and irritation, revives skin tone and brings back a healthy glow. / Absorbs quickly after application and leaves an invisible, non-sticky layer on the skin."

Polaar - Polar Night Revitalizing Mask with Boreal Algae - 50 ml

Stress, fatigue, pollution, lack of sleep, dehydration, poor diet… Discover a new effortless beauty ritual!

Rich in restorative active ingredients, this night mask effectively smoothes, regenerates, revitalizes and relaxes stressed, devitalized and dehydrated skin. While you sleep, boreal algae pampers your face for a glowing complexion in the morning. For detoxified, regenerated and smooth skin like after an 8-hour night's sleep! 

Polaar - Super Moisturizing Mask at the springs of the glaciers with iceberg water - 50 ml

This mask finds its source between land and sea, where icebergs flow from the sumptuous white glaciers into the immense polar ocean. From these majestic cathedrals of ice comes perfectly pure and mineralized water. Collected in a controlled and protected environment, we collect it and carefully encapsulate it in liposomes to preserve all its benefits. Like a hydration bath, this super-hydrating mask with Iceberg Water intensely infuses the epidermis cells. Its formula, rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Thalassiosira Antarctica (polar algae), smoothes fine lines of dehydration. The skin is rehydrated and replenished, radiant with youthfulness.