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Opal Facial Roller

Why Opal? Opal is a highly protective stone, it shields you from negative energies. It also has the ability of taking your desires and putting them out into the universe. Connected to love and passion, Opal will also attract that into your life giving you happiness and a zest for life making it a great stone to use during your daily facial. Because of its multiple energies and its ability to attract love it will also encourage you to be positive, be compassionate, promote love, kindness and generosity.

Jade Roller

In China Jade has been the symbol of status, purity, health and spirituality for over 9000 years and by 3,000 BC, jade became known as “yu” or the “royal gem”. The interlocking of the micro-crystals make each piece of stone unique in color, character and marbling pattern. It is because of this uniqueness that makes each piece valued and prized.

Vibrating Roll in Pink Quartz

This rose quartz roller emits more than 6000 vibrations per minute for a deep lifting treatment. It helps to reduce stress and tension on the face while accelerating the penetration of the treatments. It decongests the face and reduces puffiness effortlessly.