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Nimboo - Multi-Size Handcrafted Platter Set

Three’s a crowd?! We don’t believe so. Inspired by accidental discoveries in the kitchen, this set of three platters, crafted from recycled steel & plated with nickel, is quite unpredictable. Think in shapes of spilt water on the kitchen slab, hint of tomato sauce and maybe some cute, wobbly fried eggs? The shapes vary with each set, but the tone of violet and earth lend to it by smouldering across its edges are simply beautiful. The platters don’t like to part, so stack ‘em up or lay ‘em out, but keep them nested together!

Nimboo - Multi-Shape Handcrafted Platter Set

Whoops! There goes a pebble into a river and out comes this set in its assortment of quirky shapes. This set calls out for drama like no other. Find them holding your fruits, cheese or small bites. And if you’re feeling experimental, add them as quirky accents to your room decor. Handcrafted from our recycled brass and plated with nickel.