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Polaar - Revitalizing Elixir

In the abyss of the polar oceans, where light is scarce, lives a mysterious algae: Rhodimenia Borealia. This Algae synthesizes phyto-melatonin, a plant enzyme similar to melatonin, a hormone secreted at night by the brain, which is responsible for nocturnal cell regeneration.

Enriched Hand Lotion

This refreshing duo is enriched with naturally potent ingredients that carefully cleanse, nourish and soften hands for refreshed, revitalized and balanced result.

  • The sulfate-free hand wash gently but effectively cleanses hands without drying them out.
  • The hand lotion nourishes skin and effectively restores the moisture levels.
  • Enriched with antioxidants, the duo neutralizes free radicals.

PRYSM - Nano Hydrogen Rich Water Mist

Soothe your dehydrated and thirsty skin with this device from Solaris Lab NY. Prysm filters the water to produce an ultra-fine, hydrogen-rich water mist that hydrates the deep layers of the skin. This process is up to 10x more effective at penetrating the skin barrier. Integrate this treatment into your routine for its moisturizing but also rejuvenating properties.

The Ultrasonic Exfoliator Spatula + LED

A baby's skin, smooth and radiant after a single use. That's what the Ultrasonic Exfoliator from Solaris Lab NY can do for you!  The exfoliating spatula is combined with blue LED light to help treat acne and eliminate scars. Its 3 settings, blue LED light, and intelligent side sensors will make it your new favorite exfoliating tool.



La Crème Ruchère is an alliance of softness and lightness to start off well with its Anti-aging ritual. Filled with dry plant oils, it helps reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. This cream benefits from thyme honey and rose, helichryse and geranium extracts to deeply regenerate skin. Its many botanical active ingredients are selected to provide firming and modelling of the skin.

1.7fl oz / 50ml

Abeilles & Botanique - ANTI-AGEING CREAM


A true cocoon for the skin, this global anti-aging cream promotes cellular regeneration. Initially thought for mature skin, its incredibly comfortable and rich texture is perfect for the skin requiring immediate comfort and anti-wrinkle effectiveness. It is also the cream of all skin that is thirsty, undergo aggressions, or that simply need more gentleness. Thanks to beeswax, its texture is ultra-soft and enveloping without being greasy. It allows a good makeup foundation. Its formula is full of vegetable substances and its unctuous galenic fills the skin for an intense regeneration.

1.7fl oz / 50ml

Abeilles & Botanique- LIFTING SERUM


This highly concentrated formula helps to reduce the roughness of the skin, provides a smoothing effect of expression lines, and gives instant glow to the skin. Inspired by the beauty secret of queens of ancient times, this unique serum is an alliance of 8 plant-based active ingredients and thyme honey, for a restored and firmer skin.

1.01fl oz / 30ml