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No. 16 Faded

Story : A fragment of your torment still  survives. I needed strength. On command, my glass refilled. I clutched it for support. Your remnant would soon be extinguished.

No. 11 Jinx

Story : I basked in their reverence. Flashing lights accentuated the aura of bittersweet spell. A snap of my fingers my keys to the city. They were but pawns to my whimsey.

No. 5 Periwinkle

Story : I lay on a cloud of blue petals. A gentle kiss from the sun met my forehead. Relaxation flowed through my veins. Shaking hands with the soft breeze I drifted into a dream.

No. 3 Fumee

Story : The evening fog enveloped the park. Around us the leaves enjoyed a dance in the breeze. I felt a tingle down my spine. As a copper leaf drifted between us I caught the warmth in your eyes.

No. 2 Splinter

Story : As I surrender to the warmth of your memory my childhood plays before my eyes. The walls that once echoed our innocent laughter now feel empty without your embrace.