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Electric milk frother - Anatae

This 100% German-made electric milk frother is an alternative to the traditional bamboo whisk.
It allows you for example to prepare a matcha directly in a cup (whereas the chasen whisk requires the use of a bowl), or in a carafe in order to serve several people afterwards.
It is possible to use it to make water matchas or matcha lattes. It works perfectly for a cool drink as well as a warm and comforting drink.
Its nice stand allows you to dry it upside down, without the water entering the mechanism.
It works with 2 AA batteries which are not included.



The powerful flavors of this matcha will add intensity to your creations. Add it to your recipes for treats bursting with health benefits.


At Anatae, the matcha tea called "Culinaire" is not inferior in quality to others. It is not a "kitchen matcha tea" like the low end matcha teas that can be found on the market. We just used different production techniques, which give this matcha tea a greater character and a more pronounced bitterness.

This matcha is a very fine powder of a pretty green color with an authentic flavor from the heights of Japan. 

Light bamboo whisk for Matcha - ANATAE

Because matcha is green tea powder, not brewed tea, it needs to be mixed. The traditional utensil specially designed for this is the "chasen".

Small whisk made in Japanese tradition and know-how.

It is carefully pruned from a single piece of bamboo to obtain no less than 120 stems! These allow you to whip the matcha and obtain a light foam on the surface of the drink, as is the Japanese tradition. For the curious, this video shows you how bamboo whisks are made.

To mix the matcha tea with your water, whisk vigorously, making an M shape with your wrist, for about 15 seconds.