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€344.75 -30% €241.33

Trenchcoat Siem - Marie Cécile Paris

The Siem trench coat offers you several possibilities: a fitted waist for a sophisticated and feminine look or a wide waist for a more formal look. 

Its deep hazelnut colour will illuminate your complexion! 

Your look will be elegant thanks to its volume and length. 

A must-have for autumn!

€205.86 -40% €123.52

Pants Reap - Marie Cécile Paris

The Reap trousers are straight cut trousers. Its colour will bewitch you. The trousers are very easy to wear. The decorative waistband and high cuff bring detail and refinement. With heels or trainers you are sure to look elegant and feminine.

Composition: 70% Viscose 30% Cotton

€136.42 -40% €81.85

Skirt Sanam - Marie Cécile Paris

The Sanam skirt is a modern straight skirt. It is made of fine woollen fabric and is very comfortable to wear. Classic and structured at the same time, it can be worn with all types of shoes. 

Ideal for a fresh and feminine look.