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Malindo - Maté - Organic Slimming Infusion

Many people accompany their slimming diet with slimming products. However, some may have side effects. If we add to this the feeling of fatigue felt during the diet, many may quickly become discouraged. Fortunately, there are herbal teas that (in addition to being safe) are invigorating. This is the case of the organic maté type slimming infusion.

Malindo - Organic Chai Maté

If you like to be able to revel in a warm and tasty drink in the morning when you wake up, you will probably find the chai maté an excellent option to indulge yourself while enjoying its many virtues. This drink originates from India and is a judicious blend of ingredients known for their benefits, but also for their characteristic aromas.

Malindo - Organic Bergamot Lemon Maté

Bergamot Lemon Mate is made from green mate and hemp leaves. Entirely organic, it has the natural aroma of mate, but also that of blood orange. 

While mate is known to fight physical and mental fatigue, hemp is known to ease anxiety, reduce chronic pain, and relieve nausea and intestinal problems.

 Bergamot Lemon Maté has many benefits, but it's not just about finding the right tea: it's also about knowing how to prepare it to get the most out of it.

Malindo - Organic Pomegranate Maté

This blend is made up of 70% green mate, with ingredients that are exclusively organically grown. Used to prepare a traditional drink widely consumed in South America, mate leaves are renowned for their beneficial action. 

Your Mate Pomegranate has many benefits in store for you: improved blood circulation, increased alertness, stimulation of your brain activity and physical revitalisation due to its high caffeine content. 

Malindo - Moga Cha Organic

Moga is different from matcha. It is a ground green tea. The difference with Matcha is that it is not roasted. Moga is raw, slightly herbaceous, sweet and barely bitter. It can be consumed cold or hot. 

*Issued from controlled organic farming.

Malindo - Mumbai Chai Rooibos Organic

Mumbai Chai Organic Rooibos is an absolutely delicious spice flavored tea. Your tea is 59% rooibos and is entirely organically grown.

It should be noted that this shrub comes from South Africa, where the tea obtained by brewing its fermented leaves is very popular. 

Rooibos is believed to have many virtues: it can help fight insomnia, asthma, allergies, oxidative stress or even degenerative diseases. 

Malindo - Nepal Himalayan Snow Mountain Organic

The high proportion of buds covered with white down is what characterises this extremely rare unfermented tea which captivates the taste buds with its exceptionally soft and slightly sweet notes. 

The precious leaves were harvested in Nepal, in the Ilam Valley, at an altitude of over 1,600 metres. This is the location of the tiny Shangri-La plantation, which produces only small quantities of tea each year. 

The tea is organically grown. 

Malindo - Night Detox Organic

Ideal for people in situations of deficiency, fatigue, as well as for sportsmen and women. Infusion to be consumed in the evening after a meal.

The "Night Detox Bio" herbal tea detoxifies your body from a good number of impurities while you sleep. This is done thanks to the elements that make it up. 

Indeed, this herbal tea has been obtained by combining lemon balm, camomile, moringa leaves, mint, Bancha green tea, wheat grass, all deliciously flavoured with coconut and lime.

Malindo - Oolong - Apricot Lime Organic

The Lemon Apricot Oolong tea that we offer is composed of oolong (a quality Chinese tea), lemongrass, lemon peel, peach, apricot and marigold flowers. This blend of plants comes from organic farming. 

Thanks to its properties, the benefits of this tea for the body are numerous. In fact, it reduces various health problems such as inflammatory disorders, heart problems and even high levels of bad cholesterol.

Malindo - Oolong Lemon Vanilla Organic

While many hot beverage enthusiasts indulge in the daily ritual of preparing their cup of tea first for all the flavours in it, it is important to note that the benefits associated with drinking good tea, and especially Oolong tea, are a strong argument for those who wish to indulge. Oolong tea from China is excellent for your health. 

Malindo - Earl Grey Darjeeling Organic

Whether it is yellow, red or green with fruity notes, tea has always been unanimously acclaimed throughout the world. While most consumers have a preference, others are still exploring. If this is the case for you, this is your chance to discover Organic Earl Grey Darjeeling.

Malindo - Java Halimun Jade Oolong Organic

It is in the west of the Indonesian island of Java, on the volcanic soil of the protected natural park of Gunung Halimun, that this oolong of exceptional finesse and milky freshness grows.

During the dry season, this plantation, which is entirely managed in accordance with ecological standards, uses only rainwater for irrigation. Once infused, the small hand-rolled dark green tea balls reveal a unique sweet note.

Malindo - Organic Lavender Oolong

Like all drinks and infusions that are made from plants or natural ingredients, a good lavender Oolong tea should be drinkable on a daily basis without fear of possible side effects. 

On the contrary, the natural drink offered here combines a delicious taste with exceptional virtues to perfectly complement your diet. Here's what you need to know about this tea, its ingredients, and its health benefits.

Malindo - Inner peace Organic

Herbs are often a source of well-being. Meadows, fields, mountains and hills are pharmacies. Inner Peace herbal tea is made from natural herbs and plants such as mint, ginger and cinnamon sticks. 

Other herbs include liquorice root, fennel, hibiscus, cardamom, orange peel, chamomile, cloves and pink pepper. It is an Ayurvedic infusion. This explains the name "Inner Peace" that it bears.

Malindo - Pi Low Chun Spring Beauty Organic

During the months of April and May, fresh leaves, a bud and the two youngest tea leaves are picked to make this delight. The taste is very different from that obtained from summer harvests. It is much sweeter and slightly sweetened. The bud and the leaf create a perfect symbiosis.

 The cup is slightly greenish and very clear. A tea that you can recognise from all the others.

Malindo - For you and me Organic

What better way to give yourself back your peach than with a good fruit-flavoured infusion? 

Although many teas are available on the market, one variety stands out clearly. This is the Rooibos For You and Me. Come and discover one of its flavours, that of strawberry-raspberry.

Malindo - White Winter Organic

A discovery that warms the heart during the cold season! Whether it's snowing or windy, the many fruity and spicy aromas create a warm and comforting atmosphere. 

Infusions are appreciated by all for their many benefits on the body.

Organic teas are particularly popular because of their caffeine-free composition.

Among these infusions is rooibos, which is very widespread in Africa. 

Malindo - Organic Wood Rooibos

Wood Rooibos is an infusion that does not contain theine. If you find it difficult to tolerate the exciting effect of theine or caffeine, Rooibos de Bois can be a valid substitute for real "tea". 

It consists of leaves and shrubs from South Africa, grapes, elderberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants. Its natural aroma gives it an irresistible flavour.

Malindo - Spicy Chai Taste

The perfect spices to get the day off to a good start! This blend will give you strength with ginger, black pepper, cloves and cardamom while providing the right balance with sweet apples and slightly bitter blackberry leaves.

Malindo - China Black Honey 1st grade Organic

This exclusive keemun has been turned in the steam of a sweet bee honey. 

The result is a very rare, floral and elegant black tea with large dark leaves and an irresistible honey note in the finish. Sensual and bewitching, the aroma gradually reveals itself to offer a harmonious and accomplished taste experience.

Malindo - India Camellia

India Camellia Black Tea is a unique blend of black teas entirely organically grown and flavoured with the natural aromas of bergamot, orange and lemon. 

It contains Assam black tea, which is known to be strong, full-bodied, and to give strength and stimulate intellectual activity.