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Snooze - Granola Chocolate Hazelnut

Are you a chocolate lover? This recipe is made for you! Cocoa-flavoured oat flakes go wonderfully with crunchy chocolate chips and crushed hazelnuts. The mixture of agave and coconut syrups delicately enhances this great granola classic. Intense flavour guaranteed!

Snooze - Granola Banana Coconut

Delicious combination of coconut and dried bananas sublimated by a mixture of almonds and seeds (sunflower, squash, flax and poppy) for a crispy and delicious result.

The coconut syrup naturally perfumes the whole. A journey of flavours!

Snooze - Lemon Peel Pistachio Granola

A surprisingly fruity recipe that will seduce your taste buds. Candied lemon peels delicately tart combine with the sweetness of crushed pistachios.

The lemon syrup subtly coats a crispy mixture of oat flakes and seeds (sunflower, flax, squash and poppy seeds) and sublimates the recipe. A pure delicacy!