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Today, most cosmetic products are formulated to last at least 30 months, i.e. 2.5 years or more. This makes sense if your sole objective is to optimize your business results, but not if you focus on product performance.

We've been trained to believe that the longer the better, that expiration dates are bad and that products should last forever. However, many studies have shown that commonly used active agents, such as vitamins and peptides, are unstable in cosmetic formulations. They begin to lose their beneficial properties within just a few months. In the absence of new skin care options, we have learned to accept the performance trade-off of longer shelf life as an operating cost.


All NUORI formulas are developed to provide visible results using only the best natural ingredients and the latest generation of bioengineered active ingredients. Our products are freshly blended in small batches every 10 to 12 weeks in our professional production facilities and are quickly delivered to our stores around the world.

NUORI's freshly blended formulas are unique in two distinct ways : 

  • They are 100% effective. Because we always choose the best active ingredients that natural science can offer us, and because our formulas are not weakened by time-related degradation of the ingredients.
  • They are extremely pure - 100% free of synthetic preservatives, stabilizers and other additives normally used to stabilize and extend the shelf life of beauty products.

Active filters

Vital Foaming Cleanser

This luxuriously creamy foaming cleanser meticulously removes dirt and makeup without stripping skin of its natural oils. / Gently and effectively removes impurities and sloughs away dead skin cells. / Offers powerful antioxidant protection and combats redness and irritation. / Helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance, leaving it smooth, supple and refreshed.

Supreme Moisture Mask

"This highly concentrated, yet lightweight moisturizing mask is the ultimate treatment for dehydrated and distressed skin. / Deeply hydrates the skin, plumps out fine lines, and restores suppleness. / Strengthens the skin's barrier function for better moisture retention and protection. / Reduces redness and irritation, revives skin tone and brings back a healthy glow. / Absorbs quickly after application and leaves an invisible, non-sticky layer on the skin."

Lip Treat - New York

This lip pleasure is a delicious blend of natural moisturizing wonders, tinged with berries, which gives your lips a vibrant and fresh look, inspired by New York City, both energetic and sophisticated. / Highly hydrating with a light texture that nourishes and softens dry and dehydrated lips. / Seals in moisture and protects the lips. / Natural coloring agents give lips an effortlessly polished appearance.

Vital Body Balm

This delicately scented body balm is an intensely hydrating, all-over body treatment. Rich in texture, but easily absorbed, it leaves skin soft to the touch. / Effectively nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis, thereby restoring skin smoothness and elasticity. / Offers powerful antioxidant protection.

Perfecting Body Oil

This delicately scented, luxurious body oil intensely nourishes and illuminates the skin. / Carefully formulated to match skin’s natural lipid balance, the oil is easily absorbed, leaving the skin soft with a silky sheen. / The formula rejuvenates the skin and offers antioxidant protection. / Moisture levels are replenished and a healthy, natural glow restored.

Enriched Hand Lotion

This refreshing duo is enriched with naturally potent ingredients that carefully cleanse, nourish and soften hands for refreshed, revitalized and balanced result.

  • The sulfate-free hand wash gently but effectively cleanses hands without drying them out.
  • The hand lotion nourishes skin and effectively restores the moisture levels.
  • Enriched with antioxidants, the duo neutralizes free radicals.