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Vibrating Roll in Pink Quartz

This rose quartz roller emits more than 6000 vibrations per minute for a deep lifting treatment. It helps to reduce stress and tension on the face while accelerating the penetration of the treatments. It decongests the face and reduces puffiness effortlessly.

Jade Roller

In China Jade has been the symbol of status, purity, health and spirituality for over 9000 years and by 3,000 BC, jade became known as “yu” or the “royal gem”. The interlocking of the micro-crystals make each piece of stone unique in color, character and marbling pattern. It is because of this uniqueness that makes each piece valued and prized.

Simply Plum 100% Pure Plum Seed Oil

Upon opening, you will smell a fruity top note and natural marzipan-ny aroma emanating from this sophisticated oil. With its luxe feel and scent, this powerhouse of skin nutrients will leave your skin hydrated while providing a myriad of healing and anti aging properties. Traditionally used in Italy and France as a natural moisturizer this oil is dry. It will absorb quickly into the skin deeply hydrating it without leaving an oily residue behind.

Murala Oil 100% Virgin - Cold Pressed

Derived from the Marula tree nut, this oil works for all skin types and it dates back 10,000 years in African civilization where it was used extensively in medicine, skin, and hair purposes. Some of the greatest benefits of Marula oil versus others is its extremely high antioxidant activity which supports skin health that helps combat fine lines, keeps skin ultra hydrated and plump all while protecting against environmental damage such as pollution and UV rays.

Opal Facial Roller

Why Opal? Opal is a highly protective stone, it shields you from negative energies. It also has the ability of taking your desires and putting them out into the universe. Connected to love and passion, Opal will also attract that into your life giving you happiness and a zest for life making it a great stone to use during your daily facial. Because of its multiple energies and its ability to attract love it will also encourage you to be positive, be compassionate, promote love, kindness and generosity.

Steam 1st

Unlike anything you have ever tried, this experience is where skincare meets meditation. The crystal transmits your intent into the universe as you drape your head with a towel, seclude yourself from the world and gaze upon the aromatic steaming petal/crystal exilir.

LQD ROSE Antioxidant Rose Petal Mist

Refreshing, Softening, Brightening 

Have you ever wanted to know the back-story on a product you will be putting on your skin? Well, here it is; LQD ROSE isn’t something that was synthetically made but rather every step of the process in our small batches is a craft that has taken thousands of years to perfect in a special region of Eastern Europe.

PRYSM - Nano Hydrogen Rich Water Mist

Soothe your dehydrated and thirsty skin with this device from Solaris Lab NY. Prysm filters the water to produce an ultra-fine, hydrogen-rich water mist that hydrates the deep layers of the skin. This process is up to 10x more effective at penetrating the skin barrier. Integrate this treatment into your routine for its moisturizing but also rejuvenating properties.

The Ultrasonic Exfoliator Spatula + LED

A baby's skin, smooth and radiant after a single use. That's what the Ultrasonic Exfoliator from Solaris Lab NY can do for you!  The exfoliating spatula is combined with blue LED light to help treat acne and eliminate scars. Its 3 settings, blue LED light, and intelligent side sensors will make it your new favorite exfoliating tool.