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Our history

At Janisa Concept Store, we believe in a future where commerce and sustainability coexist in perfect harmony. Founded with a deep passion for positive change, our pop-up concept store stands out as an international hub of eco-responsible and ethical brands. Our goal is clear: to provide a platform that not only showcases innovation and creativity, but also promotes conscious consumption.


Every event we organize is infused with our core values: sustainability, ethics and cultural diversity. We believe the potential for change lies in bringing together innovative brands that share our commitment to preserving our planet and improving the lives of all its inhabitants.


By browsing our online concept store, you will discover a carefully selected range of products ranging from clothing to art, all made with love and respect for the environment. Our passionate team works tirelessly to create experiences that inspire, educate and encourage each of our visitors to make conscious choices.


Join us on this adventure where commerce meets compassion, where style meets sustainability, and where every purchase has the power to change the world.


Welcome to Janisa Concept Store.

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