A proposJanisa was conceived in August 2019 but was officially launched in November 2019. Janisa is a woman with superpowers who is multitasking. Able to combine her private and professional life, she is dedicated to changing the world.

She realizes that despite her superpowers, she can't do it alone. So she decided to form a great team of brands and designers that she called:

His Super Wevers share the same vision, that of being eco-responsible and that by coming together, and doing a little bit each, we will achieve this goal all together.

Our vision

Our vision is to respect the environment and human beings in the design and manufacture of products. 

We wish to offer our customers products that are eco-responsible and that contribute to sustainable development.

Our goal is also to demonstrate that it is possible to consume trendy, fashionable, affordable and environmentally friendly products.

Janisa and her superb team have a common mission: to promote these wonderful products created with love.

Notre combat

Our goal is to educate people by demonstrating that it is possible to buy wisely with sustainable, eco-responsible and trendy products. We want to fight against "Fast Fashion" by promoting "Slow Fashion".

Our selection

We carefully select the brands with which we wish to collaborate, studying precisely their identity, their method of production and their used materials.

Sustainable development 
Brands are keen to limit their ecological impact by being "Eco Friendly" by minimizing waste in their production chain.

Social Justice
We attach great importance to brands respecting the working conditions of their employees by integrating a wellness procedure in the workplace. We make sure that each of them fights against child labour.

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible both with the brands and with our customers. We make sure that our customers know the composition of their products and where they are manufactured.
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