Pour water at 70-80 ° C over 1 g of matcha, i.e. half a teaspoon, whip (or mix) until foaming, and drink.

Does the matcha powder tend to reach the bottom of your cup? This is a very good sign! Our matcha comes from the youngest tea leaves: the most fragile, the greenest, and above all the richest in antioxidants! It is thanks to them that we obtain an extremely fine powder of such good quality. Give a slight flick of the wrist to stir, and enjoy its thousand virtues.


Ideal for comforting matcha lattes or delicacies overflowing with benefits: offer it without limit! 



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In spring, in Nishio (Japan), our farmers harvested by hand the youngest leaves from their tea plants. This allowed them to actually choose the leaves that were the richest in antioxidants, those that did not contain bitterness. The leaves were then steamed for a few seconds to lock in their benefits.


Later, to avoid any bitterness and to keep only the tender heart of each leaf, the part richest in benefits, the main veins of the leaves were carefully removed by hand (a real work of art!)

Finally, after having been carefully dried, the leaves were ground between two granite millstones, to finally obtain a 100% natural powder, very rich in flavors, and without any bitterness.

This matcha is an extremely fine powder of a powerful green and with the authentic flavor of the heights of Japan.


All our tea plants live to the rhythm of nature mixed with an incredible multitude of insects that we leave at home in peace.

Box capacity: 30 grams

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