It's Lit - Smart (Gua Sha) Facial Massager


This 3 in 1 face firming tool offers the best of what your skin will take: Ultrasonic Technology vibration, Heat mode, and red LED light. In just a 3 minute de-stressing massage the skin becomes lifted, radiant and refreshed ready to take on the day and its challenges. 



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The tool has been engineered to give maximum skin benefits better than using topical product alone.  Combined with your serum or oil the results are synergistic and compounded.

• Defined cheekbones

• Immediate glow

• Relaxed appearance 

• Increased product penetration

• Lifted facial features

• De puffed and refined facial features

• Softened fine lines

• Tone, texture and brightness 



Settings 'Demystified' 

1 The Vibration mode promotes microcirculation and exchange of nutrients, it also stimulates the muscle so perk up. 

2 The Heat mode helps with detoxification on a dermal level and with product penetration.  It is also soothing for the jaw and helps with TMJ. When using heat combined with the massage think of it as hot yoga for the face. 

3 The Red LED mode  stimulates collagen production and also helps tighten and firm the skin.  

4 LED + Heat + Vibration mode is an elevated synergistic mode that combines all options together in one with a compounded effect that is 3x the potency of each mode used separately. 

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